Internship’s Accuracy

Internships are really kind of a part time job (unless you are not getting paid), with a perk. The perk is if you screw up something, or didn’t do the work in time or properly, then no one will blame you. One can easily get over the mistakes he/she makes during the internship.

Recently I got a chance to be an Intern in one of largest Aluminium producing company. Being a mechanical engineer, it was not the best, but an average place to do an internship. Reason of grabbing this opportunity was my college forced me to, made it an evaluative component, made it mandatory for another big internship which will last for a semester and is too evaluative.

Coming back to the Aluminium Company; Doing Internships in a well established companies (factories) are always waste of time. First of all lack of new things to do, because all they do is maintain the machines, so will the interns do. Secondly lack of areas of research. Unlike someone like me who had dream’t of doing research, designing and building new tools, implementing new mechanisms, all I had to do was pick up a spanner and start tightening the bolts. Something what I didn’t think of.

But few things never really go well. The Industrial process to extrude alumina was all set over here along with machines. But there were many other fields where there was a lot of work to do. Example being like making or bringing computerized components/machines into the factories, maintaining servers, websites of the company, looking after the finances, bills purchase orders and lot more things, which are essential but not directly linked to the factory.

So doing internship over here as a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer over here doesn’t really make sense. But as a student of  degree Computer Science or Finance or Information Technology, this place can be of different level compared to others. They can get a better exposure to corporate world, they can do a really productive work and they can tryout lot of new things doing the same.

So a Factory doesn’t always mean a Mechanical Engineer’s work place. It also means there are lot of other people who are required and do work apart from Mechanical Engineers and have important works without which a company cannot run.

By the way I did my Internship under IT Department over here and working on an amazing project which is interesting and very useful to the company. Learn’t a lot of new thing along the way and saved a lot of bucks to company :/


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