Friends Fiasco #1

Being friends with all of your batch is difficult, with all your college is next to impossible. But all we need is just that one a$$hole who will spend his/her life with you. Being in college, once you are a first year graduate student, lot of hurdles come along. Having a best friend makes them easier.

Me here still searching for someone who still believes in me, see’s something in me, stays with me, laugh’s with me, eat with me, but most importantly care for me. Having a best friend is one of the best moments in life, highly went unacknowledged. People are lucky to have someone they can count on. Not all are so lucky.

In my first year I met a lot of people. Tried being nice to all. Had a very good neighbor roommates. Ended up departing from them doe to reasons. Now heard that my wing is breaking again. And here I am sill finding that person whom I can call as my best friend. After all life is never fair with anyone, or is it just me…..

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