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In India, more than 80% of youth’s want to become either an engineer or a doctor. The number is around 20% in UK. India being seventh most populated country, that is a very big number. But that doesn’t mean quality don’t meet quantity.

Microsoft, Google and many other companies have showcased that its not from where one comes from or where is from; What matters are the skills, the passion, the urge to make a change in the difference. Get the reference 😛

Jio transformed lives of millions of Indians. Few were amazed, few got spoilt and few others achieved what they dream’t. Bringing Internet, reliable one, to every person in a country is a big thing. Overall I think India’s productivity hit a good high percentage recently. All this after he gave up on Reliance Infotech, right from scratch Jio was built.

None dream’t that a tea seller, by origin,  would be one of top 10 most powerful people in world. Nor did those 40% scientists in NASA. Let it be any field, we Indians have shown up that we too are capable of same, sometimes better. Still we are a developing country. Still garbage is thrown out of the window of a running train. Still people piss beside public toilets. Still our country require a lot to change and a lot will change. Well Taj wasn’t built in a day. It took 22 years to build it. And in 1631, it wasn’t that easy too…



Language Barrier

How annoying it can be when two people talk in their regional language and you don’t understand a shit? This is the typical scene in many Engineering and Medical colleges, where students all over India come.

Most of the time similar region people bond together and make their friend cycle, but few introverts who fail to get out of rooms, tend to become introverts across the span of 4 years. They feel shy to talk people, feel shy to go out and eventually stop coming out to get around.

Sometimes it becomes really awkward situation. Like when you and your friend from different states are hanging around, and someone from his state shows up. And they start talking in their regional language…. Hello..!! I exist.I fucking don’t understand a single word. But you end up nodding or surfing FB on phone or just stalking girls on Instagram. Well that really gets annoying.

Sometimes it is not just college where it happens, even in other places too. Group conversations was never meant to be in a common language when there are 2 or more people who know a different language and start annoying to others. Well even I can cuss you in my regional language, you wont understand a shit 😛

These small little things plays a lot bigger roles in personality development of a person. These minute things have a bigger impact in ones life than many other major things. Its not really about comfort sometimes, it is more about showing off superiority when you meet someone with similarities. A natural human tendency. Wont go pretty soon 😦

If you are reading this, then next time try not to annoy your companion over these small minor things. Small thing, but important one.

Vacation Breakation

Electronics have become very important part of our life over the time. Some people breathe mobile, some drink laptops. They have integrated it to lives to an extent that more than luxury and comfort, they have become essential commodities for day to day living. Some even love them more than anything, even human beings 😦 So even a slight damage can be very heart-breaking.

So recently my old but robust phone screen got cracked, my lovely cute earphones stopped working and my other half, laptop stopped recognizing half of the ram it holds inside it. All of a sudden my life hit a low.

Sometimes it feels how much we have evolved from stoneage; And major part of evolution in terms of knowledge, technology, intelligence etc. are due to these tiny devices. From Benz to Tesla, from Punch Cards to SSD’s, from The Flyer to Airbus A320 all was possible because of these electronic devices.

Imagine a summer without any of these essential things all of a sudden…. Hard to live. But people didn’t know how to light fire once. Hunted using stones and stayed in caves. Hope that doesn’t come any sooner to mankind.

And do people start realizing that electronic devices are the not the only thing which is interesting. Surely they haven’t seen past that virtual window.

Survival without Sleep

The only peaceful thing in world is Sleep

There used to be time when we (engineers) used to survive marathon sessions gaming, watching tv series, movies etc. But whenever we wanted to have a peaceful sleep, we could. Single rooms is all required. No roomies, no chattering.

Being is PS, this is one thing which is missed by many people I guess. Random sleeping cycles is met by unstoppable chatter boxes all around the day. Never thought it would come to this point but survival has become essential. Making your own personal space, living with your custom sleep cycle, all what is need to be done.

Sorry roomies and my beloved PS mates if you guys are seeing this, but this is the truth. You guys irritate me a lot, unknowingly. I tried telling you but you guys never listen, not care about it.