Looking at Laptop

Following up to my earlier post, recently all my electronic devices are going through rollercoster changes, only that they are breaking a lot. My mobile’s gorilla glass 3 got a good crack on it, my earphone’s left speakers are not sounding good, my gaming mouse’s left button is not catching clicks properly, my joystick is missing its both stick pads and last but not the least my laptop is going through a lot of BSOD’s nowadays and also one of its ram module is not working. So I am struck with just 4 gigs of ram till I go back.

All of sudden this things happened and in a deserted place where I am, with no proper food, but beautiful shelter, scenery, weather and internship, first time in my life I felt that all these can be overlooked to enjoy the moment. In a place where amazon takes 14 days to deliver and no electronic shops nearby, atleast till 10 km radius, its one of the worst places for all the breakdowns.

My laptop’s one of the ram module stopped working. But old grandmother remedy it is or an computer engineer’s, to remove it and put it back. My friend helped me to clean them and rebooting it with two sole ram sticks with different combinations (couldn’t go more than 4) it worked after 8-10 tries. Finally my ram is being detected and those additional gigs are the usable gigs because potato PC takes whole first 4 GB for system requirements.

Finally I can get back into coding and stop my project from going obsolete. But all this incident really showed me dependency on these marvelous delicate electronic masterpiece and how a tiny thing can make the whole thing go useless. Just like a jack on iPhone 7.