Lovely Laziness… :(

Laziness is an old friend of many people. Not Elon’s. Many people don’t get it but laziness is a huge factor which is affecting many lives. Let it be a student, engineer, employee of a company or any other person with a social or moral responsibility.

Laziness is that part of cheese on pizza which is dry, but still on the pizza. You can not eat it, but you eventually will eat it. Laziness is that book in your bag which you know you will never need it, but you wont remove it either. Laziness is something which is like an unwanted hobby. Everyone acquires it eventually. But hardly a few manages to not.

And it is also one of biggest factor between success and failure; between right and wrong; between every good thing and bad thing; Once a lazy man, always a lazy man.

I will tell you a few tricks to try to remove laziness from your life. As one gets up, he/she should make his/her bed. First task as you get up. Doing it will boost your confidence and will acting as foundation for other tasks overlooked due to laziness. And that one thing will improve your lifestyle in an unimaginable way. And also stop snoozing your alarm…

Life is too short to make one’s bed? Well then so be it. But first make your bed. 🙂

And Laziness was one of factor of me not blogging. I had to go through a lot of things, including working as full-time time-waster for 2-3 weeks. Got to clear my schedule, and start working on with my life.

As someone said, “Winter is coming, and Exams are coming with it”. It holds true here, does it there? Cya next time very soon maybe after exams 🙂


Fuzzy Friends

Being Roman in Rome is not so easy. Sometimes you try to blend in with your friends but it always doesn’t come out properly. Some friends see benefits, some seek a favour, some just want to use your things and some just want to bitch about you in front of others.

Making a friend circle is one of the most important things in a person’s life. Everything decides on the fact about how good is your friend circle is. One can judge a person by the kind of friends he seek, by the kind of friends/people he hang out. They play a major role in a person’s character. A Pigeon acts as a crow in a bunch of crows, it’s not his mistake that he is stuck with those kind of birds.

Being too extrovert can sometimes be a bit hurtful. Knowing a lot of friend circles, trying to be friendly with everyone sometimes doesn’t really bring happiness. Having friends who have a motive in life, are passionate about something, are good characterized or at least know the manners about what to do when and where, are the ideal kind of people one should be. Not a lazy bunch of people doing same repetitive work of wasting their time, or using their time in an unproductive way.

Me myself being an extrovert, know a lot of people who are doing amazingly great with their life, and also know the kind of people who are just wasting their precious time doing irrelevant things. But me being a sensitive guy, sometimes I don’t take things in a good way or a pleasing way. Many words are uttered, many deeds are done, they pierce through heart, till the last vein stretches out.

Having or even knowing people like that really affects your lifestyle, mood and day-to-day things a lot. Someone’s beautiful day gets worsened just listening to a normal sentence of a person who cusses in every line he says, with a person who just finds ways to waste your time or a person who is not right to you. Being with someone who cares about you, who treats you the same way you treat them, who understands your problem. is a kind of person who should be your friend. If your life is not going right, just once look at your friend circle and think are these the people I want to be?

From Telephone to Social Media

In current technological world, survival without a computational device is very difficult. These computational devices have helped a lot for human mankind like Education, Research, Faster Computing, More organised data, Better lifestyle etc etc. And then comes portable computational devices which too have affected our lifestyle a lot. Let it be Mobile, Laptops or Tablets. Especially Mobiles. These tiny monstrous things connect us with the rest of the world. Let it be California or Moscow or Sydney, everywhere. Whats more interesting is the ability to exploit it by every possible way.

Telephones were the era when having one was far more luxurious than having a car at that time. Then came the idea of portability. So mobile telephones with a receiver, having huge battery with it was first commercially made available which allowed us to talk for 20 min wireless. Then came idea of putting a display into it. And then touch. Then flip. Then Qwerty keypad etc. etc. Our childhood went really awesome with Nokia, especially 1100.

Latest trend told the manufactures to stop after putting touch screen onto it, so that we have to pay less to innovators in mobile technology and usability. But at the same time social media was at full high. Zuckerberg was going to drop from Harvard and Hashtag was about to get a new usage.

Everyone want a good social life. Wild life. Beers, parties, outing, weed and all those. Life is western was about to take a revolution. Multi-Billion Dollar Ideas were being discussed in pub’s. Victoria Secret Models were emerging as something new. RAM was being increased from KB’s to MB’s and Macintosh was about to make a huge revolution into personal computers.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Orkut all were gearing up to change how a person lives, how he stays late, with whom he hang outs, where he goes and what he does. Basically these companies started to get into our lives. Actually we let them do it.

Making these social media accessible into something portable like mobile just revolutionized the way we live. To an extent where Privacy was not Private anymore. Where being Single was raising questions of being straight. Where not posting photo’s was saying that he/she was a jerk.

Currently Social Media has the largest impact on the majority of population. To such an extent that they can start a world war, or they can put a war to rest, just by sitting in their office with a click on computer. These giants control how a person lives, eats, drinks, breathes etc.

Some utilized a variety of ways to do good to society from it. Some succeed. Some didn’t. But many more big companies did turn up. Thanks to social media. This started to expand themselves to other fields too, giving tough competition to many other old tech giants. Ad-Words vs FB Ads. Call over Internet vs video calls on a touch. Posting a video online vs Going live online. Using filters on Instagram vs using #Hashtag on Twitter. A lot has changed. If utilized properly productivity of human mankind can increase to many folds. But thats not a person wants. Jealousy from  a person enjoying, then going themselves to a pub, posting a video with heinekens in a hand, showing all that you too are cool, now that is what is stopping human mankind to not see what all they can do with these things.

But there are few good things too. 500 days ago an Engineer left is work in silicon valley and decided to travel all world and make a 1 min V-Log of it and post daily on Facebook. Today after 500 days, he has more than around 1.5 million friends. Traveled all around the world. Inspired a lot of people. Bought the reality in front of the world. Well that is a person who utilized it in a proper way. Checkout is FB page here (

Social media is a boon or bane no one really knows still. But we do know that it has influenced more people than any other person could do. Good thing about social media is we have information about any person right in our hand at a click of it. Bad thing about social media is we have information about any person right in our hand at a click of it. Mobile computational devices really did bring a revolution to human existence, but it did come at a cost and a lot of people don’t like it.

Language Barrier

How annoying it can be when two people talk in their regional language and you don’t understand a shit? This is the typical scene in many Engineering and Medical colleges, where students all over India come.

Most of the time similar region people bond together and make their friend cycle, but few introverts who fail to get out of rooms, tend to become introverts across the span of 4 years. They feel shy to talk people, feel shy to go out and eventually stop coming out to get around.

Sometimes it becomes really awkward situation. Like when you and your friend from different states are hanging around, and someone from his state shows up. And they start talking in their regional language…. Hello..!! I exist.I fucking don’t understand a single word. But you end up nodding or surfing FB on phone or just stalking girls on Instagram. Well that really gets annoying.

Sometimes it is not just college where it happens, even in other places too. Group conversations was never meant to be in a common language when there are 2 or more people who know a different language and start annoying to others. Well even I can cuss you in my regional language, you wont understand a shit 😛

These small little things plays a lot bigger roles in personality development of a person. These minute things have a bigger impact in ones life than many other major things. Its not really about comfort sometimes, it is more about showing off superiority when you meet someone with similarities. A natural human tendency. Wont go pretty soon 😦

If you are reading this, then next time try not to annoy your companion over these small minor things. Small thing, but important one.