Pseudo Life

There is a lot of life beyond these 4 walls. Or rather so-called pseudo jail. From where I come from, or rather where I study, there is a lot of cultural diversity. Students come all over India, be it north or south or east or west, from everywhere. There is a lot of mixing of cultural’s, traditions and rituals.

This diversity helps us to know each other better, to understand each other and other cultures. All here who come, have cracked one of toughest engineering entrance exams, so all have a very good background of studying and all are hardworking and determined to do something in their life. But few of these people end up locked inside the room, studying all day or watching TV series or movies or doing something else, but they don’t come out often their room.

Life is plain simple for them. Especially for Studious students. Wake up early morning, have bath, go to classes, come back, have dinner, study, sleep. No fun, no gain of any other knowledge. But is it the real way how one should live?

There are many clubs and departments in every college where one can join to learn something new, to make new friends, to know each other and to meet your crush (in my case). I am in many clubs and departments, worked in many other places, lead a department and a club, managed many things in many fests. This helped me to meet amazing people out there, make whole bunch of friends, meet many seniors who helped me a lot, get to know juniors, saved their asses few times. But important thing is getting to know each other, learning new things and getting socialized.

I am a graphic designer, a videographer, a video composer. I do freelancing in both of the fields designing and videography. Worked for couple of startups, made a quite handsome amount of money. I also got to know a lot of things doing the same, the corporate structures, about how deadline to a company means lakhs of loss, how to talk to an executive, how to get dressed well ( never really helped me), how to make relations better and worse too and lot of other bitter but important things about corporate life.

Being in so many clubs and departments helped me to socialize a lot. Doing so many things simultaneously improved my management skills, including time management. Getting to know so many people helped me to reduce my stage fear, making me capable of striking conversation with anyone out there. Leading many clubs and departments helped me to gain leaderships skills. And a lot of other things helped me to build a personality I have. Or the person I am. 2 years ago I was still a child trying to solve MCQ’s to get into one of Prestigious Institutions in India. Being those 4 walls, never know it would be so amazing. I was an introvert then. Not any more.

And to people who stay in the 4 walls all the time, there is lot out there where you can do better things, spend your time more efficiently. Remember, studies is important, but there is a lot more than studies which will be required in real world. And being in college is the transition phase from student to an independent adult. Just come out of those 4 walls and see how much you can enjoy, or rather live your life than survive inside.